Union Squareより徒歩3分の日本人スタイリスト

Hair Straightening Specialist

Creating effortless styles for everyone

Former owner stylist of J Union Square Salon in downtown San Francisco.Thermal reconditoning (Yuko System) specialist. People often ask how many have I done, to be honest, I'm not sure because I stopped counting after 5000. I've done thick, thin, stubborn, damaged, curly, wavy, frizzy, pretty much any type of hair you can imagine. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in thermal reconditioning. I offer free consultation by appointment as well as for people that can't visit send in your photo via email and we can discuss further if you're hair is a good candidate.
I also specialize in Asian hair texture. I combine American and Japanese techniques. Want to take out the weight in your hair? No problem, with Japanese technique I can take out the weight without taking the length so it will be easier to maintain your hair.

元J Union Square Salonオーナースタイリスト。縮毛矯正のスペシャリストであり日本とアメリカのスタイルを融合したテクニックを使ってます。Style by Jオリジナルテクニックのシームレスカラーは忙しくてなかなかサロンに足を運べない方のために考えたサービスの一つです。日本語で安心のサービスをダウンタウン・サンフランシスコで受けられます。

English / Japanese

Style by J SF 11 Tillman pl. 3rd floor (VIANGE HAIR) San Francisco, ca 94108 415.956.4667