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Anti-Frizz by YUKO SYSTEM - natural alternative to Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment

what is the difference between Brazilian blowout and keratin treatment? 
Brazilian blowout and Keratin treatment contains formaldehyde and it can be harmful to your body but Anti-Frizz does not contain formaldehyde. Anti-Frizz's main ingredients are wheat and soy. There is no burning eyes, breathing problem or carcinogen chemical.                                           
How long does it take?
Typically it takes about 1.5 hours. 
How long does it last? 
It will gradually get back to your natural hair and on average 2.5-3 months until it goes back to your natural texture. 
What is the difference between thermal reconditioning (Yuko System) and Anti-Frizz by Yuko System? 
Anti-Frizz will make your hair more manageable, taking out frizz and loosen curls but it doesn't make your hair completely straight. It will be good for people with shorter hair that needs a little volume or movement in hair as well as people that are looking to cut down their styling time.  For people that are looking for straight and permanent straightness thermal reconditioning is recommended

Thermal Reconditioning Japanese hair straightening, Yuko System
What is Thermal Reconditioning?
Permanent solution to straighten your hair. It may also be called Japanese hair straightening, rebonding, permanent hair straightening. Yuko system solution loosen the structure and applying heat will realign the structure to create straight hair. This will work for people with unwanted volume to curly and frizzy hair.  During the process keratin will be added to your hair to minimize the damage and the result is smoother and shinier hair. 
What is the difference between thermal reconditioning and Brazilian blowout / Keratin treatment? 
Thermal reconditioning (Yuko System) create straight hair by going into the hair and permanently changing the  hair structure. Result is smoother minimal volume hair. Brazilian blowout, Keratin treatment will coat the hair with keratin. Result is temporary and wear off as you shampoo and hair will not be completely
straight but making your hair easier to style. 
Is Thermal reconditioning toxic? 
There is no toxic fume or gas released from thermal reconditioning (Yuko System). Yuko system can be performed during pregnancy after the first trimester. 
Who can be a candidate for thermal reconditioning? 

Most hair types. Although thermal reconditioning can be performed on most hair types it may not be performed on dry/damaged hair. I offer complementary consultation which includes strand test upon necessity.
How long does it last?
 On average, thermal reconditioning retouch is done every 4-6 months. With right products and maintenance straightened hair will remain straight and only work on the regrowth.

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Thermal Reconditioning (YUKO SYSTEM)

Anti-Frizz by YUKO SYSTEM